The ISO-less Power of the X-Series | A Monochrome Film-Look straight out of Camera

A brief thought about chemical based photography 

When I studied photography back in the early to mid 2000s for real quality prints you still had to rely on an analogue workflow. Yet you already could see that the golden age of film photography was slowly coming to an end. In the creepy basement of our university we had this dark room which I frequented on a couple of weekends and holidays to process some black-and-white prints. Besides the magical moment when the developer revealed the final image I sincerely hated everything else in there. The depressing red light, the smell and handling of the chemicals and my overall lack of technical capabilities were pretty demoralizing. To this day I cherish the possibility to sit in a cosy environment while developing my final images with a few clicks on the computer. That being said, I still value the principle to getting things right in camera and the resulting look of images taken on film.

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Punks of Macro | XF 56mm & XF 90mm with Fujifilm MCEX-11/-16 Extension Tubes

Now my Fuji gear is mostly portrait work oriented and for that purpose I own the XF 56mm and the XF 90mm. With a X100S as a complementary wide angle view I feel pretty good covered. In terms of "getting close": Due to the superior nature of the XF 90mm (better minimum focusing distance, shallower depth of field, even sharper) over the XF 56mm I also use it for close-ups like the picture above. Or the one below.

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